How to send your Valora logs

Our support team may ask for your support logs to better understand your concern and provide the best possible solution. Your support logs are computer-generated records of your activity within Valora. They are useful for analysis, troubleshooting, and debugging purposes. Thank you for your cooperation in providing these logs.

Step 1 - Navigate to Valora's contact screen

There are two ways you can find this screen:

  • Go to Menu > Help > Contact, or
  • Shake your phone while Valora is open, and a popup asking if you are having trouble will appear. Tap Contact Support.

Step 2 - Input all relevant information 

  1. In the message box, provide any helpful details. If you were already speaking to an agent in another ticket and were requested to send in logs, write your original ticket’s number for their quick reference (example: Logs for Ticket #2100).
  2. Enter your Name and Email.
  3.  Make sure the Attach logs option is selected.
  4. Tap Submit.

Please don't include any sensitive information, such as your PIN or Recovery Phrase.

You will receive an auto-reply to your initial request. If you have additional information, screenshots, or videos showing the issue, please reply to add them to your ticket.

How to attach screenshots

iPhone - Attach screenshots in the Mail app

  1. In the Mail app, find an empty spot in the email body and double-tap.
  2. You should see a black text menu. Then tap the right arrow until you see the option to "Insert Photo or Video".
  3. Choose the screenshot(s) from your photo gallery.

Group 4 (2).jpg


Android - Attach screenshots in the Gmail app

  1. In the Gmail app, tap the paperclip icon to add an attachment.
  2. Tap Attach file.
  3. Choose the screenshot(s) from your photo gallery.


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