Troubleshooting Dapps

You may occasionally run into difficulties when working with dapps. Below are common troubleshooting steps to try out.

Insufficient Gas

One common issue is insufficient gas. If you're transacting within a dapp, such as swapping assets, it's important to have enough funds in your wallet to cover gas fees. This is often the first troubleshooting step we recommend when transactions in a dapp fail. By ensuring you have enough funds to cover gas fees, you can minimize the risk of encountering this issue in the future.

Errors appearing on the Dapp’s page

If you encounter errors when using a dapp, such as an error message appearing on the dapp's page, it's time to reach out to the dapp’s support team for assistance. Many dapps offer Discord communities for support, and you can usually find links to these communities in the footer of the dapp's website

Common Troubleshooting Steps

There are also several common troubleshooting steps you can take to address dapp difficulties. Check out the suggestions below:

  • Update to the latest version of Valora.
  • Are you accessing the dapp from Valora’s Dapps page? If so, try to access the dapp on an external browser instead. 
    • Mobile: Open the dapp in Valora and tap on the browser’s menu button using the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right of the page, and select the option to open in an external browser.
    • Desktop
      • Open the dapp in Valora and locate the URL for the dapp
      • Enter the URL into your desktop browser. 
      • Click Connect Wallet. 
      • Select Valora. If the option to use Valora is not available, use WalletConnect then search for "Valora".
    • Use Valora’s QR scanner to scan the provided QR code. Confirm the connection in Valora.
    • Check for internet connectivity issues by switching between WiFi and cellular service
  • Force close Valora and load it again, then try again with the dapp.
  • Disconnect then reconnect the dapp:
    • Go to Settings > Connected Dapps, then disconnect the dapp.
    • Force close then re-open Valora.
    • Return to the dapp and reconnect to Valora.
  • Restart your mobile device

If these initial steps don't resolve the issue, we can help! Please submit a support request with logs to our team. Include a description of the issue, steps to reproduce it, and a screenshot of any errors. Our team will be here to help you through any challenges you may encounter.

Are you a dapp developer troubleshooting your dapp’s integration with Valora? Please join the Valora discord and post your questions in the #dapp-dev channel.

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