How to use Valora with dapps on desktop

Discover how to use a dapp on your desktop browser alongside Valora for effortless transaction connections and signings. 

  1. On your desktop, open your preferred browser.
  2. Launch the web app for the dapp.
    Always double-check that the URL is correct.
  3. Click the button labeled Connect Wallet. Select “Valora.”
    If you do not see Valora listed, select WalletConnect. Find Valora in the list of wallets and click it. A QR code should appear on your screen.
  4. Open Valora on your mobile device and tap the scanner icon in the top right corner. See the image below:

  5. Use your phone to scan the QR code displayed on your desktop browser
  6. A popup should appear in Valora confirming that you want to connect to the dapp. Tap Allow.

Once you're connected,  you can manage your positions from your desktop browser. 

Keep Valora handy; you'll need to use it to approve transactions. A pop-up will appear in Valora when you need to sign a transaction. Approve the transaction, then return to your desktop browser to proceed.

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