Ethereum Dapps

Looking for information on transacting with Ethereum in Valora?  Check out our article on Ethereum Transactions and Assets.

What Ethereum dapps can I use?

You can now use most dapps on Ethereum, but keep in mind that not all dapps will have a mobile-optimized experience.

How can I connect to Ethereum dapps?

To connect to Ethereum dapps via desktop, simply visit the dapp’s website on a computer or another device, and use WalletConnect to scan the QR code to connect from your Valora wallet. Read more about how to use Valora with dapps on desktop.

To connect to Ethereum dapps on the same mobile device as your Valora wallet, visit the dapp website on your mobile browser and choose WalletConnect to connect. Choose “View All” for additional wallets, and search for Valora.

When will more tokens and chains be available?

We are actively working on making more multi-chain features available. If you have a specific request, please submit it here.

What If I need help using Ethereum or want to report a bug?

We'll need information from your Valora app install to investigate any issues. Please open Valora's menu and tap Help > Contact to submit a support request or bug report.

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