What is Email & Phone Backup?

Email & Phone Backup offers users the ability to quickly back up their Recovery Phrase all from the ease of their mobile device using, you guessed it: their email and phone number. 

Traditional methods of backing up your Recovery Phrase involve creating a physical copy that must then be protected in a safe location. While some users like to keep their Recovery Phrase off the internet, for others, this is not always an ideal solution. Users might not be at home when they create their wallet or feel they do not have a secure enough location to store their Recovery Phrase. 

While Email & Phone Backup is a convenient way to secure your wallet, we encourage users to also manually back up their Recovery Phrase if they have a secure way to do so. Your Recovery Phrase may not be top of mind if you change your phone number. In the worst-case scenarios, you could lose access to your email account or lose your phone, in which case you will lose access to your stored Recovery Phrase and the funds inside it.

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