How to set up Email & Phone Backup

  1. You'll be prompted to set up a recovery method during your wallet setup. Tap Get Started.
    If you have an existing wallet, go to Menu > Settings and tap Email & Phone Backup. Then tap Continue.
  2. Select your email backup option and sign in there.
    Currently, only Google login is supported.
  3. Confirm your phone number:
    Note: This is different from connecting your phone number to your address and it involves a separate process.
    1. Enter your phone number and tap Continue.
    2. Enter the code sent to you.
  4. That's it! You now have Email & Phone Backup set up.

Consider manually backing up your Recovery Phrase for added protection. You can find your Recovery Phrase in your Settings.


Email & Phone backup unavailable

Opt for a manual backup if you cannot complete Email & Phone Backup. You can come back and try again later through the Settings page.

Network Error

There may be an error connecting services. Try the following:

  • Check your network settings. Try with and without WiFi.
  • Restart your Valora app
  • Reinstall Valora
  • Restore using your Recovery Phrase
  • Try again later

If this error persists, please contact support. Shake your phone a few times until you receive a prompt to contact support and attach your logs.


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