How to restore your Valora wallet using Email & Phone Backup

Restoring through Email & Phone Backup is only available for users who have already set it up. If you have not set it up, please restore your wallet using your Recovery Phrase.

  1. Open Valora and tap I already have a wallet.
  2. Complete all other onboarding tasks.
  3. When prompted to select your backup method, tap "From email & phone number," then tap Next.
  4. Use the same email and phone number combination that you initially used to set up Email & Phone Backup:
    1. Sign in to your email address
    2. Enter your phone number
    3. Enter the code sent to your phone number
  5. That's it!


Wallet not found

If you restore your wallet and it is not found, you may have used a different email and phone combination. Please double-check the information you entered is correct.

Network Error

There may be an error connecting services. Try the following:

  • Check your network settings. Try with and without WiFi.
  • Restart your Valora app
  • Reinstall Valora
  • Restore using your Recovery Phrase
  • Try again later

If this error persists, please contact support. Shake your phone a few times until you receive a prompt to contact support and attach your logs.


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