Menu and UI changes - April 2024

Valora 1.8.0 includes a refreshed UI, focusing on bringing the most valuable features front and center.

With this change, some items look different, and others have been renamed and moved to new locations:

  • Your Home, Dapps, and View Assets buttons have been moved to a new menu at the bottom of the screen and have been renamed Home, Discover, and Wallet, respectively.
  • Your menu now uses a profile icon and is in the same location.

1.80 and above

Homescreen 1.80.jpg


1.79 and below

Homescreen - 1.79 and below.jpg

That’s it! We hope these simple changes will significantly improve your experience using Valora.

Don’t have 1.80 yet? Get the update directly from the App Store or Play Store.

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