Valora Points

Get rewarded for using Valora! Our loyalty program awards Points for select activities completed within the app. Start collecting Points now just by having a Valora wallet. Check it out now!

How do I earn Points?

  1. From Valora’s home screen, tap Discover.
  2. Tap Valora Points.
  3. On the Valora Points screen, you can view ways to earn Points under How do I earn points? 

Some activities, such as creating a Valora wallet, only earn points once, while others can be earned multiple times, like swapping in Valora.

How do I view my Points?

You can view your balance at the top of the Points screen.

Tap the Activity button at the top-right corner to see how you’ve earned Points.


What can I do with my Points?

Collect them. Show your friends!

Do I get Points for past activity?

No. However, everyone starts with 10 Points for creating a Valora wallet.

Are Points a token?

They sure are! They’re on-chain, digital bits of happiness you earn by using the app.

Can I send Points?

No. Points are non-transferable; they are just for you.

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