Add funds using MoonPay

Step 1 - Go to Valora’s Home screen and tap on the green Buy button.

Step 2 - Make your selections for adding funds: 

  • Select the asset you wish to buy, and select "Debit card" as your payment method. Tap Next.
  • Enter the amount you wish to spend. Tap Next.
  • Select MoonPay from the list of integrated providers. If you do not see MoonPay, you may not have met its minimum purchase amount, or you may need to choose a different asset or provider.

MoonPay is running a promotion to waive fees for a customer’s first purchase. Any subsequent purchase will include Moonpay’s fee, which is not indicated in Valora. Please take note of the final charges before completing your purchase, as Fees May Vary. Valora does not make any money on your purchase, and all purchases are made through the third-party provider, Moonpay.

Step 3 - After being redirected to MoonPay, enter your payment and personal information

  • Enter your email address, and tap Continue.

  • You should receive a code at the email address you provided. Enter it into the Verification Code box. Accept the terms and conditions, tap Continue, and wait for your verification to finish.

  • Confirm your payment details:
    • Select your payment method.
      Debit cards may have higher transaction success and lower fees depending on your bank. Note that your bank may charge an additional fee for credit card transactions.

    • Double-check the delivery address.
    • Review the fees.
    • Tap Pay.

If this is your first time using MoonPay, you will also need to complete MoonPay’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You will be asked to provide personal information and submit a valid form of ID.

Step 4 - Track and receive your funds

Your order will be processed, and you will receive an email confirmation from MoonPay.

If you encounter any issues with MoonPay, you can contact their support team.

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