What is my Recovery Phrase and why is it important?

Your Recovery Phrase is a seed phrase that allows your wallet to derive your private key. It is the only way to gain access to your Valora account. Without the Recovery Phrase, no one (not even the Valora team) can access your account balance. Read more about self-custodial wallets to learn why the Valora team cannot provide this information.

You can access your Recovery Phrase by going to Menu > Settings and tapping on Recovery Phrase.

Your PIN is required to view your Recovery Phrase.

You will have 24 hours after you first set up Valora to write down this Recovery Phrase, after which Valora will only be usable once it is set up. This is a safety feature meant to prevent you from losing access to your funds.

Remember to write down your Recovery Phrase and store it somewhere safe, where it cannot be stolen or damaged, and where you will always be able to get it.

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