How do I swap my tokens?

Step 1 - On Valora’s Home screen, tap on the green Swap button.

Step 2 - Enter your swap details:

  1. Select the tokens you want to swap.
  2. Input the amount you want to swap in either the From or To box. The corresponding amount will automatically populate the other box. This might take a few seconds. 
  3. Tap Review.

Step 3 - Complete Swap

  1. Review the details.
    Note: Transaction fees are paid using CELO. If Celo is unavailable, Valora will use the Celo native stablecoin with the highest balance in your account.
  2. Tap Complete Swap.
    The transaction will appear in your activity feed. This may take a few minutes.



Why are some tokens unavailable to swap?

A token is unavailable to swap if there is no decentralized liquidity available for that token. Decentralized liquidity is provided by other cryptocurrency users and makes it possible to exchange one token type for another.

How can I swap unavailable tokens?

For tokens not listed, you can use a decentralized exchange (DEX) dapp.

On Valora version 1.79.1 and earlier

You can find dapp options by going to Menu > Dapps and selecting a dapp listed under the Swap section.

On Valora version 1.80+

Go to Valora's home screen and tap on Discover in the bottom navigation bar. Select a dapp listed under the Swap section.

What does Valora use to facilitate swaps?

Valora helps connect you to decentralized liquidity to facilitate your swap. Valora uses the top decentralized liquidity providers in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and at no point is any centralized entity providing liquidity, custodying tokens, or executing trades on your behalf.

Why did my swap fail?

Your swap likely failed due to slippage, which means that the price you were quoted is no longer available. Slippage occurs because of the volatility of the markets, which causes prices to change constantly. If your swap fails, please try again after a few minutes.

If you are using the Max button and your swap is failing, enter your max amount minus 0.01, then try again.

Why am I getting an unfavorable exchange rate?

Unfavorable exchange rates are usually the result of low liquidity for the swap pair you're trying to exchange. This creates higher price volatility. 

Why does Valora allow unfavorable exchange rates?

Sometimes, users may choose to swap an token despite the exchange rate issue. To provide users with as much autonomy over their tokens as possible, Valora does not prevent these swaps. All users need to do their research and carefully review all details before completing a transaction.

The Swap page is unavailable in the UK, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan due to regulatory restrictions. 

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