Spend cUSD and cEUR with Bidali

You can use funds in your Valora account to buy gift cards for major retailers around the world through Bidali. Bidali's offerings vary by location. 

Start by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Dapps screen (see instructions below).

  2. Search for "Bidali".
    Tap on Bidali.

  3. Select a gift card available in your country.

  4. Select or input the gift card amount. Tap Purchase.

  5. Enter your email address. Tap Next.

  6. Complete the Bidali transaction prompted within Valora.

How to access the Dapps screen:

On Valora version 1.79.1 and earlier

Go to Menu > Dapps. 

On Valora version 1.80+

Go to Valora's home screen and tap Discover.

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