How to withdraw to a bank account

Withdrawing to a bank account within Valora is available via third-party service providers in limited locations. If you are not in any of these locations, you can send your funds to an exchange where you have already connected a bank account.
Note: Confirm your exchange supports the token you are sending.

To withdraw to a bank account:

Step 1 - On Valora’s Home screen, scroll left on the green buttons, and tap Withdraw.

Step 2 - Select your preferences for withdrawing:

  • Select the token you want to withdraw. Tap Next.
  • Enter the amount. Tap Next.
  • Tap on Bank Account as your withdrawal method. You may need to enter your Valora PIN.

Step 3 (Non-USA locations) - Enter your bank account details and review the transaction:

  • If this is your first time withdrawing to a bank, you will be prompted to enter your bank account details:
    • Enter your bank's name and account number. Tap Submit & Continue.
    • Subsequent withdrawals will automatically redirect you to the Review page with your bank account information prepopulated. If you want to choose a different withdrawal method, tap on the “Withdraw To” section on the Review page.
  • Review transaction details and fees. Tap Withdraw Funds.

Step 3 (USA only) - Withdraw through Ramp

  • Confirm the amount you want to withdraw (Ramp considers this as selling crypto).
  • Log in to Ramp
  • Enter your banking information. Tap Proceed.
  • Review your withdrawal details, including any fees collected by Ramp. Tap Confirm.
  • Take note of the address and amount to send. Return to Valora and send the designated amount to the address provided by Ramp.
    You must send your funds within 72 hours or your transaction will expire.

You’re all set. 

Valora works with third-party service providers to facilitate crypto withdrawals to a bank account. These service providers may only support withdrawals of a few tokens. If a bank account withdrawal is not available for your chosen token, please return to the “Select a Token” screen to choose a different one.

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