Personal data and wallet deletion

How do I delete my Valora wallet?

In short, you can't; you can only disassociate yourself from the wallet.

By design, blockchains are meant to be an uneditable record of everything that happens on that respective blockchain. Therefore, once an address is created on a blockchain, that information exists forever and cannot be removed or deleted.

The address can always be recovered by its paired Recovery Phrase. If you ever wish to access this address again, please write down its Recovery Phrase and store it in a safe location. Please note that Valora never has access to your Recovery Phrase and cannot help restore your address.

Additionally, the data that is personalized to you — including your photo and name — is encrypted and stored entirely on your mobile device. Once you uninstall the app, this information will also be deleted.

 We recommend the following steps if you wish to discontinue using your Valora wallet:

  1. Withdraw your funds.*
  2. Remove any personal data.
    1. Go to your Valora menu and tap on Settings.
    2. If you previously set up Email & Phone Backup, scroll to that setting and tap Delete.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of your Settings page and tap Delete Account.
      This will unlink your phone number and send you through the Recovery Phrase Backup Quiz.

  3. Uninstall the Valora app.

Once these steps are completed, your personal data will no longer be associated with this address. Want to learn more? Check out our article on Understanding Valora's self-custodial nature.

*This is optional, but be aware that any funds left in the wallet may be permanently lost if you lose your Recovery Phrase.

How do I delete my information from Valora's systems?

Valora puts your privacy first. If you wish to have all of your details removed from all of Valora's systems, please get in touch with to submit this request. These details include data associated with the following:

  • KYC processes before transacting with cash-in and withdrawal providers.
  • Customer support requests
  • Mailing lists

If you have used any third-party providers, you will also need to contact them directly to have your data deleted from their systems.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

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