How do I get rewards with Supercharge?

Get 7% annual rewards on funds held in Valora! All you need to do is

  1. Download Valora or update to version 1.54+
  2. Connect your phone number to our new system.
    Note: We have released a new system for our phone connections and all users must transfer to this new system in order to remain eligible for Supercharge. If you do not see your phone number in your side menu, go to Settings > Connect Phone Number and complete the phone connection process.
  3. Add the minimum required balance to your account:
    • cUSD, cEUR, mCUSD, or mCEUR: 10 minimum and 1,000 maximum, OR
    • cREAL, or mCREAL: 50 minimum and 6,000 maximum
  4. Get rewards
    • Claim Supercharge Rewards - Weekly
      1. To claim your rewards, tap on Claim Rewards on the Supercharge home card.
        Or, navigate to the Supercharge page by tapping on the menu icon and tapping on Supercharge or Rewards.
      2. Tap the Claim Reward button.
        Note: You will need funds to pay for the gas fees for this transaction.
    • Get Moola rewards if supercharging on a Moola stablecoin.
      Learn more about Supercharging with Moola.

You'll get rewards on one token (see above requirements). To ensure you're always getting the maximum rewards, Valora will distribute rewards based on the token with the highest value (calculated in USD). You can also enable push notifications to get alerted whenever Supercharge rewards are available to be claimed!

Rewards are calculated based on your average weekly balance, then made available weekly. Supercharge rewards expire if left unclaimed for 28 days.

Note: Adding funds after the start of a rewards week will cause your average weekly balance to be lower than your current balance. Therefore, you may not meet the minimum required balance, or your rewards may be lower than expected for the following rewards distribution.

You can withdraw your funds and rewards at any time.

Read more about Supercharge on our blog. Further details can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

If you believe there are any discrepancies in your rewards, please get in touch with our support team:

Send us a message via the app: go to Menu > Help > Contact, OR

Email us at and include your wallet address

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