I acquired a new token, but I don’t see it in my wallet. What do I do?

A new token might not appear in your Valora wallet for several reasons. The most common reasons include a lag in recognizing you have a new token, an unsupported token, or a token sent on an unsupported network.

Network Delays

It may take up to a few minutes to appear in Valora. You may also need to refresh the screen. Go to your Home screen and swipe down on your activity feed. You will see a loading icon as your activity feed refreshes.

If it still does not appear, try to:

  • Force quit the app
  • Update to the latest app version (check in the App Store or Play Store)
  • Contact support by going to Valora’s Menu > Help > Contact or emailing support@valoraapp.com.

Unsupported token: Use the "Import Token" feature.

Sometimes, this may not be a token that Valora supports by default. You will need to obtain the token's contract address and manually import the token. Here's how you can import it:

  1. Obtain and copy the token's contract address.
    Look up your address on a blockchain explorer, locate the transaction, and open the transaction details. The token should be linked to its token page. At the top of the details, you should see the contract address.
  2. Open Valora and navigate to your list of tokens.
    1. If you are on Valora version 1.79.1 and earlier.
      1. Tap View Assets. 
      2. Tap Import.
    2. If you are on Valora version 1.80+. 
      1. Tap Wallet.
      2. Scroll to the bottom of your tokens list and tap Import Token.
  3. Enter the details for your token:
    1. Select the network.
    2. Paste the contract address.
    3. Tap Import.

Unsupported Network: Restore your address on another wallet.

You may have sent a token from a network Valora does not support. Please check out our list of supported networks to see if you can access it in Valora. 

If you sent a token on an unsupported network, you will need to restore your Valora address on another wallet that supports that network.

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