Dapp Best Practices

We have included some best practices to stay safe while engaging with dapps:

  • Make sure you have safely saved and stored important information (e.g. your PIN and Recovery Phrases) before depositing or transacting with any assets.
  • Do not share your PIN or Recovery Phrase with anyone, unless you trust them with all your assets.
  • Do your own research (DYOR) on dapps before you use them; only use a Dapp you trust.
  • Only use as many funds as you are willing to lose, as cryptocurrencies can be volatile and high risk in nature. 
  • Understand any requirements, processes, and timelines. For example, consider staking MOBI on Mobius:
    • Requirements: You must own MOBI.
    • Process: When staking MOBI, you will need to know that it is a multi-step process that includes:
      • Locking MOBI
      • Voting on a pool
      • Manually claiming rewards
    • Timeline: In order to vote on pools, you must lock your MOBI for more than a week.
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