Add funds using Coinbase Pay

Prerequisites and limitations:

  • A Coinbase account is required to use Coinbase Pay. You must log in or register for a new account.
  • Coinbase Pay is only available in specific locations.
  • At this time, only CELO (or CGLD) is available to purchase via Coinbase Pay.

Step 1 - On Valora’s Home screen, tap on the green Add button.

Step 2 - Make your selections for adding funds

  • Select CELO. Tap Next.
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy. Tap Next.
  • Tap on the Coinbase Pay button (only available in certain locations).

Step 3 - After being redirected to Coinbase Pay, log in to Coinbase and finalize the transaction*.

  • Log in to your Coinbase account.
  • Confirm the amount to send.
  • Choose to either send from your current Coinbase balance or purchase funds using an available payment method.
  • Confirm details and complete the transaction.

* Two-factor authentication and/or device verification may be required.

If you encounter any problems using Coinbase Pay, please contact Coinbase support

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