Get started with Valora

To get started, please download the Valora app. Play Store and App Store links are available on our home page.

Once you’ve downloaded Valora, you can open it and start the process of creating your Valora wallet:

  1. Fill in your name and phone number.

  2. Create a PIN.

    You will need your PIN whenever you make a transaction. Make it memorable but not easy to guess.
  3. Connect your phone number

    You will need to connect your own phone number if you wish to send funds directly to the phone numbers of your friends and family members. Read more about why you should connect your phone number. Once your number is connected, you can sync your contact information.
  4. Set up your Recovery Phrase (CRITICAL)

    Set this up before funding your account. You should do this privately and where you can safely store your Recovery Phrase.
      1. Go to the side menu and tap Settings.
      2. Under Security, tap Recovery Phrase, then enter your PIN.
      3. Tap Set Up Now.
      4. Write down your Recovery Phrase.
        It is recommended that you write them in a numbered list. If you are storing a significant amount of funds, consider saving your Recovery Phrase on a cold storage device.
      5. Go through the Recovery Phrase quiz to confirm you have correctly written down your Recovery Phrase.

    Read more about what your Recovery Phrase is and why it is important, or check out our article on self-custodial wallets (which is what Valora is!).

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