Recovery Phrase Setup

The Recovery Phrase setup is the most important step for security, so it's best to complete the setup as soon as possible. Your Recovery Phrase is the only way to gain access to your wallet address. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and store your Recovery Phrase in a safe place.

The process involves writing down randomized words in a specific order. You'll want to find a secure place to store the phrase before you get started.

  1. Enter the Recovery Phrase Setup during your wallet creation process. You can also access the setup via Menu > Settings, then tapping on Recovery Phrase.

  2. Once prompted, write down your Recovery Phrase. It's best to write it as a numbered list. Remember to double-check for spelling and then continue to the next screen. 

  3. You'll be prompted to input your Recovery Phrase to ensure you have written it down correctly. Confirm you have written down your Recovery Phrase by tapping the words in the correct order.

  4. Keep your written Recovery Phrase in a safe, private location that is easily accessible by you in case you need to restore your Valora wallet. See more about how to safeguard your Recovery Phrase.

  5. That's it!

Learn more about Recovery Phrases and how to restore your wallet.

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