How to recover unsupported ERC-20 tokens sent to Valora

In this guide, steps are outlined to help you recover unsupported ERC-20 tokens if you accidentally transferred them to your Valora wallet.


Before beginning, you must have the following:

  • Your Valora Recovery Phrase (English version).
    If your Recovery Phrase is not in English, you will need your private key (this can be obtained through a wallet like Celo Terminal).
  • A self-custodial wallet manager* that will allow you to choose your HD derivation path during the wallet recovery process.

Alternatively, If your Valora wallet has a 12-word English Recovery Phrase, you can easily restore it on an Ethereum wallet, like Metamask or Enkrypt, instead of using a wallet manager. After that, add the related network and token contract address to access your funds.

Using a recovery phrase or a private key carries risks. Please learn about these risks before getting started. Please do not share your recovery phrase or private keys with anyone else.


  1. On your chosen wallet, restore your wallet address using your Valora Recovery Phrase and Celo’s derivation path: m/44'/52752'/0'/0.
    If you have a non-English Recovery Phrase, use your private key instead of your Recovery Phrase. 
  2. After restoring, confirm that the wallet address matches your Valora Wallet Address.
  3. Check the network from which your funds were sent, then select that network and your asset to view them. You may need to manually import your asset if you do not see them.
  4. Once you’ve gained access to your assets, you can send them back to your original address

As examples, we have provided steps for:

  • MyEtherWallet (a wallet manager)* using a 24-word English Recovery Phrase and
  • Enkrypt (a multichain wallet)* using a 12-word English Recovery Phrase


  1. Go to MEW’s Access my wallet page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Software > Mnemonic Phrase
  3. Change to a 24-word mnemonic and enter the words from your Recovery Phrase. Then click Continue
  4. Change the HD Derivation Path using the dropdown in the top-right. The default value is Ethereum M/44’/60’/0’/0. Click on it and scroll to the bottom. Click Add path.
  5. Label your Alias as "Celo" for easy reference. Enter in your Path as "m/44'/52752'/0'/0". Click Add path. 
  6. Go back to your Derivation Path dropdown and select Celo (m/44'/52752'/0'/0). You should see the addresses change. Select the address that matches your Valora Wallet Address (it's usually the first one).
  7. Accept the Terms
  8. Click Access My Wallet
  9. Now you can send your token back to your original address:
    1. Click on Send Transaction
    2. Fill in the Type, Amount, and To Address.
    3. Confirm that the information is correct and you have enough funds to cover any fees.
    4. Click Send Transaction.


  1. Install the Enkrypt Chrome extension.
  2. Click Restore existing wallet > User recovery phrase.
  3. Enter your 12-word English Valora Recovery Phrase.
  4. Create and confirm your password.
  5. Click Finish. The extension tab will close.
  6. Go to your Chrome extensions and click on Enkrypt. Enter your password and click Unlock.
  7. Click on Manage networks in the bottom left corner. Search or scroll down until you see the network from which you sent your funds. Enable it.
  8. You should now be able to access your funds and sent it back to your original address.

Disclaimer: Notwithstanding the above, Valora Inc. does not endorse any other wallet or wallet manager. Additionally, any options presented do not represent an exhaustive list of wallets or wallet managers and all users are encouraged to do their own research before choosing one. Valora Inc. is not responsible for loss of mismanaged funds. Please refer to Valora’s User Agreement and Terms for more information.

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