How do I access my Valora Wallet Address on another wallet?

Update: Valora now supports 12-word recovery phrases. All new addresses have a 12-word recovery phrase. 
These addresses are created using Ethereum's derivation path. This means that you can restore these addresses on the Ethereum wallet manager of your choice (such as Metamask) without needing to indicate a derivation path (see below).

Valora will accept both 12 and 24-word phrases when restoring wallets.

Your Valora address can be accessed on other wallets that support the same blockchain networks. You can import your address using your Recovery Phrase. Depending on which network(s) you want to access, you can use a single-chain wallet such as Celo Terminal, or a multi-chain wallet such as Metamask.

Similarly, if you own an address on another wallet, you can restore it on Valora.

Some wallet managers may require information called an HD Derivation Path. This will tell the wallet to connect to your address on the Celo network. Celo’s derivation path is m/44'/52752'/0'/0.

In general, accessing your Valora Wallet Address on another wallet can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Look for an option to use an existing account.
    Other wallets may call this “Import account”, or “Add account”.
  2. Choose the option to use your Recovery Phrase.
    Other wallets may call this something different, such as “Account Key”, “mnemonic”, or “seed phrase”. 
  3. Input your recovery phrase. You should have access to your address on this other wallet.

Please note, depending on the wallet, 

  • it may only support certain assets, 
  • It may not support non-English recovery phrases and/or
  • It may only accept recovery phrases of a certain length, such as 12 or 24 words.

For example:

Wallet Celo Assets (Tokens) Recovery Phrase Language
Valora CELO, cUSD, cEUR, UBE, and more English, Spanish, Portuguese
Celo Terminal CELO, cUSD, cEUR, mCELO, mcUSD, sCELO, UBE, mcEUR, and more English, Spanish, Portuguese
MyEtherWallet ETH and any ERC-20 asset English


Disclaimer: Notwithstanding the above, Valora Inc. does not endorse any other wallet or wallet manager. Additionally, any options presented do not represent an exhaustive list of wallets or wallet managers and all users are encouraged to do their own research before choosing one. Valora Inc. is not responsible for loss of mismanaged funds. Please refer to Valora’s User Agreement and Terms for more information.

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