How to add funds to Valora if you are in Nigeria

Our Nigerian users have a few options to fund their Valora wallets. These include purchasing funds through one of our third-party providers, acquiring funds through microtasks or UBI (universal basic income), and receiving existing funds from another wallet or exchange.


Valora offers options to purchase certain Celo and Ethereum tokens through Fonbnk Airtime and Bitmama. For more details, check out these articles:

Universal Basic Income

GoodDollar provides UBI on the Celo network. Connect to the GoodDapp and claim your daily UBI directly from Valora. You can claim G$ once your GoodDollar account is linked to your Valora address:

  • Connect to the GoodDollar dapp and tap “Claim Now” or
  • Go to your Valora Tokens page and tap on Dapp Positions. If you have rewards to claim, tap “Claim Rewards” at the bottom of the page.


You can earn $JMPT by completing microtasks through JumpTask. Microtasks are a series of small tasks for which you can get paid for completing. Some examples of tasks include surveys and watching ads. 


Finally, you can transfer existing funds from another compatible wallet or crypto exchange, such as Binance. Please make sure Valora supports the asset you are sending. Read more about our recommended best practices in our article: What do I need to know before sending tokens to and from Valora? 


For more ideas, see our article: How can I fund my wallet?

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